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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Giveaway Winner and Reflecting on My 1st Week as an ESE Teacher

First, I want to thank everyone who entered my giveaway.  I love doing giveaways....and can't wait to hit 200 followers so I can do another one. 

Congratulations to Victoria V.  who is the winner of the current giveaway.  I hope you enjoy the products you choose and shopping at Amazon.com.

I can't believe that we are 8 days into the current school year.  I finally understand why my mentor and principal told me not to worry about a schedule right away.  Not only was it necessary for the gen ed teachers to be able to finalize their schedules, I really needed to spend some time with my little ones to get an idea of what they needed.  I've already discovered that an IEP is not a complete picture and isnt' enough to determine what a child needs.  I've had to revamp my schedule 4 times this week, but I think it is now workable (until I gain or lose a student - LOL). 

The one thing that I am still unsure about is all of the rules and laws in place regarding ESE children.  However, I am truly blessed to have an amazing mentor teacher, helpful ESE team and a patient and knowledgeable staffing specialist.  These people are going to make this year successful for me (and my students). 

I am loving the fact that I can go into classrooms and be a support to these children without all of the demands of classroom teachers (attendance, homework, "stuff" sent home, etc.).  Instead, I am able to focus on what my kids need and search out ways to help them be successful.  If the rest of the year goes like these first days, then I know I made the right decision.

I had an interesting conversation this week was when I was asked by a gen ed teacher why I was doing ESE Co-Teaching and not in a regular classroom.  The comment was something like, "Aren't your talents as a teacher being wasted?"  Now, I love this person and know that he/she is an amazing teacher...but apparently, the misconceptions about what my position involves is real.  I wasn't quite sure how to respond (and I am NEVER without something to say)!  The truth is though, that even today, I still don't know how to reply.  I believe that my "talents" as a teacher are being used every time I interact with a child and am able to find ways for him/her to be successful in a gen ed classroom.   In fact, I am get to spend the vast majority of my day exactly what most of us went into teaching to do...give my undivided attention to students without all of the other demands on my day.

Have a Spectacular Saturday!

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  1. Amy, I absolutely agree with you that any time you interact with a student is a teacher using skills and knowledge that has been gathered over the years and not a waste of talent. I taught ESL students for a year and I absolutely agree that the intensive time you have with those students makes a huge difference for them and their classroom teacher. Classroom teachers would be lost without those talented teachers withdrawing students who have needs that may not be met in a "normal" classroom situation. Well done on your new position, keep positive!
    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

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