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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Magical Product Swap #3 AND Giveaway

Hi Fellow Bloggers (and Readers),

Once again, I had an opportunity to participate in Jessica Stanford's 3rd Product Swap.  This is a great opportunity to preview another seller's products and have someone preview mine.  This time around, I was paired up with Nina at Dive Into Learning (You HAVE To check out her blog - I love it!)  Anyway, this was supposed to be up yesterday or even the day before, but I've been at the hospital with my mom since Friday mid-day.  I am formally apologizing to Nina for being late.  My mom came home tonight and I am staying here with her tonight and tomorrow just to make sure she is alright, so now it is blogtime.

I asked Nina if I could preview her Fish-Themed Counting Activities.  I am currently working with K-2 ESE students and I have a few who are really struggling with counting and numeration.  This product was PERFECT!!  I was able to use it across all three grade levels, which I love 'cause its always good to get more bang for you buck(s)!


I used the Numbers to 10 with Matching Ten Frames with my kinders who are having trouble with 1:1 correspondence.  It was great reinforcement for counting and I loved the fact that the ten frames were already done and all I had to do was print them.  We used counters and placed them on top of the fish on the ten frames, then matched just the frames and numbers.  They loved it and want to know when they can "Play with the fishies again." 

With my first grader, he struggles with number identification, so I used the number cards to 20 with him.  This was MY favorite, since it included FOOD!!  I picked up some goldfish crackers and we used them.  He had to draw a card, then count out the correct number of crackers.  If he got it correct, the goldfish went into a baggie.  By the end of the session, he was quite pleased with his bag of fish.  Not only that, but he didn't complain one single time about practicing his number recognition.  That makes it worth the cost of the product right there. :)

Finally, I used to Count By 10's cards with my second grader.  She has trouble counting when she goes moves to the next decade.  She tends to forget what ten comes next.  So, we played with the cards.  I would mix them up and she would have to put them in order.  Another day, I would lay out all but one card and she had to identify the missing ten.  She (and I) both enjoyed this practice more that just sitting and counting aloud.

I am in love with this product.  I hope you will check it (and her other amazing items) in her TPT store.  I'd also love it you hopped over and checked out the review Nina did of my Beginning Sounds Literacy Center and Printables. 

As a thank you for checking out the Magical Product Swap, I hope you will enter my Magical Giveaway for a chance to win the Beginning Sounds Literacy Center and Printables along with 2 products of your choosing from my TPT store.

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