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Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Friday Freebie....Elkonin Boxes

I think I am finally getting organized and back on some type of schedule after the start of school. 

I am going to do what I either started (or thought about starting) earlier in the summer.  On the first Friday of the month, I am going to post a First Friday Freebie.  

This month, I am posting a resource I just printed, laminated, and used with some of my ESE students.  Many children have difficulty reading because their phonemic awareness is undeveloped.  Elkonin Boxes are a great way to help students "see" and "touch" the sounds they hear in words.  Start by having the student say the word pictured on the card.  Stretch the word out so that each sound is heard.  Then, say the first sound alone.  As you say the sound, move a marker of some type into the first box.  Repeat for the second and third sounds.  Then, go back and say each sound again as you touch the marker in the corresponding box.  For more advanced learners, Elkonin Boxes can also be used to demonstrate phoneme substitution and deletion. 

One of my favorite resources is Reading Rockets.  Click on the link to read a posting about Elkonin Boxes.

If you are interested in downloading this Freebie, please click on the image below.

There are so many great ideas for sharing ideas and "stuff" with everyone that I have a hard time keeping it all straight...so if someone already does this...I'd love to link up and join you. 

Have a Fabulous Friday!

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