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Sunday, May 11, 2022

PLS Teacher Blog Lot 2 Ahmad

PLS Teacher Blog #2 - Ahmad Review of the first weeks.

The lesson is difficult. Learn to show, even more difficult. More difficult than taking out bank loans with Kazakhstan, in all likelihood. But you get paid at the end of a month's course. There are also other advantages. I can get an Oyster Zip student card for cheaper public transport if I have time to visit other public places. I even joined a program that offers teacher discounts at over 45,000 locations. I can't wait for my first Hot Tub in the Country weekend.

Classes have become more difficult with Covid distancing. I can't sneak around students to see if they are writing with quality or reasonable quantity. My eyesight isn't what it used to be. From afar, I can't tell if what's written on their sides are stubs or food stains.

The youngsters were isolated for almost six months. I wonder how long her joy of going back to school will last. I would be optimistic at Christmas. Maybe then I'll direct my hot tub into the forest.

Although I am a beginner, I think over time I will get used to the pain that teaching causes in your joints and muscles. I will get used to these common and persistent background complaints and consider them an achievement in due time. I wonder if there's a D. of E. or a Jack Petchey award for that.

Keeping the game is very important to me. I am addicted to sports. Luckily, I can run 40-50 miles every week while playing; Play tennis or soccer matches with referee. And I hope so. That my current enthusiasm for teaching has long legs and breaks the barrier of pain when the going gets tough.

My personal educational journey began in Kabul with an all-boys Islamic State faculty that briefly became Marxist. This was taken from a mixed C. of E. Comprehensive in Birmingham and now a Catholic women's secondary school in East London. Saying a prayer before each lesson is a whole new thing for me.

So what have I learned so far? First, I work and study with great professionals at SCITT, my school, and fellow teachers. Second, I now eat healthily and snack all day. Teaching is hungry work. Finally, a recommendation; Choose your shoes and mattress correctly. If you are not in one, you will be in the other.

Two thoughts constantly come to mind. "What do you want them to learn next?" and "What kind of coach am I going to be?" I'm concerned about the first and I don't think about the second, but. In fact, I gave up not smiling before Christmas a long time ago.