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Sunday, May 11, 2022

OnlyFans fired teacher claims she was sexually harassed the whole time she was at a military camp

A fired instructor for her OnlyFans account says she was sexually harassed "on a daily basis" while working at a military camp.

Forty-year-old Sarah Juree had her life turned upside down when a neighborhood reporter published a summary of her part-time job and reported it to her employers, who decided that her job, where she worked with children, was therefore untenable.

What the mother-of-two from Indiana, USA can't understand, however, is why sharing salacious content behind a paywall is so taboo compared to her co-workers sexualizing her at work .

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Launching an OnlyFans website was supposed to be a pay raise for Sarah, but it became her main source of income as her 4,000 followers caught wind of her firing.

Sarah told the Daily Star how little has been done to protect her from sexual assault and to condemn the perpetrators of their heinous acts.

She explained: "I was a civilian teacher on a military base and I was the target of sexual harassment for years. I had to apply for a protection order because a soldier kept following me and to harass me.

"I was touched inappropriately by a senior official during a photo op and had staff watching me and the academics over the balcony."

Sarah says misogynistic sections of society hate women who take advantage of their sexuality and instead treat them as objects to be perverted, even in the workplace.

She continued, "My boss had a rule that women weren't allowed to take out the trash or walk through the building alone.

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"It's shocking to me that my employer condoned sexual harassment in the workplace for all these years, but creating an OnlyFans website on my day off was a flammable offence."

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