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Sunday, May 11, 2022

Launch of an active travel resource for teachers in line with the new Welsh curriculum

The Welsh government-funded Active Journeys program has created a new model resource, in line with the new Welsh curriculum, covering all things walking, cycling and cycling. Over the past school year, our work with colleges in Wales has helped expand the reach of energy travel by 24.6% and reduce car use on school trips by 29.9% , which we hope to continue to do with the help of our helpful new resource Be Power.

A high-energy journey to overschooling in Llangollen, North Wales

Introducing energetic journeys into the Welsh curriculum

Our resource is a fun and engaging device for teaching children the benefits and joy that walking, rolling and biking can bring them.

The helpful resource is useful for children and is also designed to build teachers' ability to plan and teach soft skills in the context of an energy journey.

This helpful resource will improve a child's walking, rollerblading, scootering and biking skills.

It is intended to be a useful addition to any teacher's classroom design toolkit.

These lessons will help students consider the environmental, physical and mental health benefits of walking, rolling, scootering and cycling.

Completing the learning pathways through the resource will help build “healthy, confident people who are ready to live fulfilling lives as valued members of society” (Four Purposes, Curriculum for Wales 2022).

Course topics include, but are not limited to:

air pollution Barriers and inclusion safe avenue design safe ways CO² footprint transport costs health and wellbeing.

With the addition of the digital skills repository, we will also be sharing our innovative new digital tools.

This includes group mapping software that allows students to interact with energetic travel routes in their own environment.

How the resource will transform teaching for schools

A computer activity concept around 20 minute quarters, taken from the new resource for teens and college students.

We are the consultants of active travel, but the purpose of the useful resource is for teachers to use their expertise and expertise to personalize this useful resource and make it more relevant to their own learners.

Learning trips are designed for young faculty majors, usually in grades 4-6.

The helpful resource provides helpful support and improvement activities for developmental stages, allowing teachers to tailor content for all students in their own courses.

It includes eight literacy, literacy, numeracy learning paths and eight digital skills-based learning paths (with teacher's guide and practical ideas) based on the energy path theme.

For each learning path, the instructor information will indicate which of the following is covered:

Transversal competence (reading, arithmetic or numerical competence) framework development goals Learning and Experience Space (AOLE) Create a culture that makes it easier for young people to walk, cycle, scooter or cycle

Funded by the Welsh Government, our Active Journeys program works with faculties across Wales to create a tradition that makes it easier for young people to walk, scooter or cycle.

Active travel plays a vital role in fighting climate change and reducing air pollution by removing cars from our college streets.

It is also excellent for physical well-being and the well-being of students and parents.

We developed this resource with feedback from our Active Journeys teachers and advice from curriculum experts.

It is available in Welsh and English for speakers in Wales.