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Sunday, May 11, 2022

David Dodgson's Modern English Teacher Blog

David Dodgson has blogged for Modern English Teacher for over 4.5 years ending at the end of 2021. During his time as a MET blogger, David has written 52 posts covering his educational and managerial experiences in 3 very different countries and 3 very different jobs , building on his 20+ years in the ELT.

Throughout his career, David has worked in Kazakhstan, Bahrain, Turkey and Gabon, gained experience working with young learners, adults, EAL students and exam preparation courses and is holds a Masters in EdTech and TESOL and Trinity DipTESOL. Back in the UK, he took on the challenge of teaching for the first time in the UK as an EAL coordinator at a leading independent school, which was reflected in some of his more recent roles. .

David is still writing, so expect articles from him in MET Redesigned, as well as publications like MET, ETp, and TESL-EJ. You can find his private blog here. Her interests encompass supporting learning with technology and the personal development of teachers. He also uses digital games as real language learning material and blogs about them at eltsandbox.wordpress1.com.